3 Reasons Why You Should Start Cleaning Your Air Duct System

Your air duct is just one of those systems you tend to forget to maintain. Since its main function is to move conditioned air from one room to another, you’d think that you have very little involvement in making this system more efficient. But this is where you’re mistaken. Cleaning your air duct regularly actually does some good for your health and home environment, and if you’re still not convinced, here are three good reasons why you should start cleaning your air duct system.


1. A clean air duct improves your indoor air quality

Air is an important component if you want to achieve a comfortable indoor environment; the cleaner your air duct is, the better you will feel. However, the air that passes through the duct isn’t always 100% fresh because dust and other particles can get stuck in the system’s body. If you are the type of homeowner who never had her/his air duct cleaned, the miniscule debris will continue to accumulate. Once your system is riddled with all these dirt particles, the “good” air that will flow through the duct will get contaminated. Residents who have asthmas and allergies that are easily triggered will have a harder time living in their own home. Also, if the duct gets extremely dirty, your indoor environment will become stuffy and suffocating. Having your air duct cleaned regularly keeps the air quality in your home safe for inhalation. In hind sight, the task of cleaning your system is a small price to pay for a healthy environment.

2. A clean air duct can reduce your energy consumption

One of the reasons why you may have had an air duct system installed is to make it easier to cool and heat your home. Relying on your cooling and heating systems too much can raise your electricity bill significantly. However, if you have forgotten about your air duct’s cleanliness, achieving a comfortable indoor temperature will be difficult. If there are a lot of things obstructing the passageway, air will have a harder time flowing around your property. Without efficient air flow, you’ll depend on your heating and cooling systems to fight the discomfort. But even these systems won’t be able to clean the dirty air circulating in your home. If your duct is still not free from any obstructions, your heating and cooling systems will continue to waste energy. Thus, cleaning your air duct will make it easier for air to flow.

3. The air duct lasts longer if it's cleaned regularly

Regularly cleaning your air duct is much like giving it routine maintenance. Each time you take a look at your duct, you’ll be able to see if everything is working accordingly. Plus, a clean air duct is a sign of a healthy duct system. Your air duct can receive heavy damage from simple substances, the evidence of which can be seen by the naked eye. For example, excessive moisture can sometimes lead to rust and mold.

Having your air duct cleaned is a crucial part of maintaining your system, which is why we are here to help. Have the professionals here at Aeroseal provide air duct cleaning services to keep you and your family breathing healthy air. If you are living in the areas of Hilton Head Island, SC or Savannah, GA, please contact Aeroseal today!

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