Annual HVAC Maintenance – Is it Really Necessary?

Annual HVAC maintenance is necessary to make sure that your heater and air conditioning system keep your indoor environment pleasant and comfortable at all times. Not only does maintenance reduce the risk of costly breakdowns, it can also save you time and money while keeping comfort levels at a maximum.

Here are four major reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your HVAC system’s annual maintenance run:

  1. Keeps Your Systems in Good, Working Condition

You paid good money for these systems, so you expect your HVAC to keep your indoor environment comfortable. However, there are times when your AC unit or heater starts working horribly in the middle of the year. If have your HVAC maintained annually, your system stays in perfect condition throughout the four seasons. Additionally, having a technician inspect your system regularly can help point out and fix whatever’s causing your HVAC to malfunction.

  1. Makes it Easier to Search and Repair Damage

Annual HVAC maintenance makes it easier for technicians to look for early signs of HVAC damage. Spotting leaks, cracks and other signs of wear early on prevents future issues from occurring. It also gives technicians enough time to repair your system’s current problems, before they get worse.

  1. Improves Your System’s Performance

Having your HVAC systems annually maintained gives you a chance to improve their overall performance. When technicians notice that your AC unit and heaters are old, you have the option to either have them tuned up or upgraded. Upgrading your systems give you better airflow and allows you to use your HVAC longer. However, switching to newer systems is also costly. Before upgrading your HVAC, you need to answer the following questions first:

  • Are your HVAC systems too old or damaged enough to be replaced?
  • Is your AC, furnace or boiler constantly running?
  • Are your systems causing your energy bills to spike?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then it’s a good time as any to upgrade your HVAC systems.

  1. Saves You Time and Money

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Yes, annual HVAC maintenance does mean that your yearly expenses will be a bit more expensive. However, annual maintenance is cheaper compared to having broken systems repaired constantly. Hiring professionals to work on your damaged HVAC costs a lot of time and resources. It also inflicts a significant downtime in your HVAC systems’ service routine.

If these four reasons helped you realize the importance of annual HVAC maintenance, contact Aeroseal of the Low County, LLC today. We have the expertise and equipment to enhance the performance of your AC units, heating & ductwork. Give us a call at 843-547-2191 when you are ready to schedule an appointment. Our services are available in Hilton Head Island, SC and Savannah, GA.